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Due to the great interest in our Groupon deal, please be aware that if you purchased a Groupon that we are working very hard to timely schedule the delivery of all orders at this time.  Orders will be delivered on a first come, first served basis via online order submission.  Please make sure to include your complete address with your order as this may further delay the scheduling of your delivery. You will receive an email from us regarding your delivery time window. (This may take up to 48 hrs at this time after your online order submission through our website.)

Finger Foods

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Benefits from buying from Premium S and S

  • 100% U.S.D.A. inspected
  • Graded U.S.D.A. Choice or Prime
  • Restaurant trimmed, 30-40% less fat and bone
  • Flash frozen for optimum freshness
  • Cry-O-Vac vacuum sealed to lock in flavor
  • Portion controlled to ensure proper diet
  • We deliver right to your home or office
  • We save you time and money

"The food is great! Home delivery is very convenient."
--Patti Yashinksi, Titusville, PA

"Food is great, very convenient; cryovac is wonderful, no more freezer burn."
--Becky Faulkner, Findley Lake, NY

"Absolutely the best steaks & chicken that I ever had."
--Mary Rogers, Rochester, NY

"You've tried the rest, now try the best!!  I have been a satisfied customer for over 10 years."
--Scott Lewiston, NY

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